I come here as a diplomat from the African American community...

I come here as a diplomat from the African American community. I would like for every white person here to extend their deepest apology for whites owning slaves. Seeing as it was your blood ancestors that are responsible for such a horrible time in history.

slavery was a mistake not because it immoral but because it ended up with niggers being everywhere in america

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Only thing bad about slavery is the fact that it ended.


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only 1.4 percent of white Americans owned black slaves at the HEIGHT of slavery. An estimated 3,000 blacks owned a total of 20,000 black slaves in the year 1860


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Poor africans, dragged away from the land of milk and honey, oh mother africa, where nothing bad has ever happened to any dark skinned human being, where compassion for one's fellow man is paramount. I feel for all those poor decendents who have missed out on all the wonders that Africa has to offer it's people....

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Really? Must we explain this? Have you never looked up how many people in America at the peak of slavery actually owned slaves? Approximately 1.6% of the u.s population (and that includes all races of slave owners because, YES, there were black slave owners). Even if that was solely white slave owners, the chance that a modern day white person in America that is descended from said white slave owners is so damn minuscule it's laughable. Most modern white people can teach their lineage back to imma grants from Europe during the early 1900's, a full 50+ years after slavery was abolished. Take me for example, Ive traced both sides of my family's lineage to families of polish and Irish immigrants that came to america around 1913-16 respectively. My family had nothing to do with slavery, as do most white americans. We owe you nothing. If you want money, be a functioning member of society instead of making sweeping generalizations about the entire white american population.

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then you need to apologize to the jews for holding them captive in egypt.

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How about you tell Africans to apologise for capturing, enslaving and selling opposing clans?

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I'm sorry whites were the last race to adopt slavery and the first to end the practice. Truly we are the monsters.