Trump's Campaign Spokesperson Says Unscientic Polls are Accurate & Scientific Polls are "Skewed"

Katrina Pierson Insists That Unscientific Online Polls Are Accurate, Media Polls Are 'Skewed'

>On Tuesday, Donald Trump campaign spokeswoman Katrina Pierson took a page from her boss and touted Trump’s performance in post-debate online polls that have no scientific accuracy whatsoever.

After conservative talk show host Joe Pags told Pierson that “news organization polling” is tilted against Trump because media outlets “have some sort of vested interested in getting Hillary Clinton elected,” Pierson said that the scientific polls conducted by media firms are “skewed.”

As proof, she cited the fact that the CNN sampled more Democrats in its poll of debate viewers. Three other scientific polls also found that most people thought that Clinton won the debate.

Pierson vigorously defended the accuracy of voluntary, unscientific online polls: “When you look at the online polls, these are people who are, like I said, not engaged in the day-to-day, 24-hour news cycle, watching cable news all day every day, these are just people. If you’re looking at Time magazine, if you’re on another website and they’re doing a poll and you vote in that poll, by the way, to the tune of over a million votes in some of these polls, that’s important, because those aren’t the people who are in it one way or another, a lot of those people are just engaging.”

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She's right.

By scientific she means jewed and unjewed.

She is right you know, we don't actually know that much.

You know what I don't understand? Trump, and many other right-wing political figures are very pro-Israel. I've noticed this. Its obvious. Trump has literally stated numerous times during his rallies, "We love Israel".

But don't the Trump supporters on Cred Forums hate Israel? You guys go on and on about the suspicious Zionists. How do you reconcile with Trump's unabashed support of Israel's constant whining over the (non-existent threat of) being Holocaust'd again?

I agree with her.I have seen media polls have sample sizes as low as 300, with higher percentages being democrat. In addition, the sample size being made up of "likely" voters.

"scientific" (((((((((((((adjusted)))))))))))))))) polls

The main concern is eradicating international theocratic fascism known as Islam, once that is done you can deal with internal problems, but I'm going to vote for whoever is tougher on mudlsime subhumans, Hillary is a Saudi funded plant.

Oh and by the way the polls are skewed, the statistical number of Dems:33 Repubs:29 and Independents:36 Is never ever the proportion in the media pools. They are completely skewed from the start.

Fucking this. All the "fact checking" sites are litearlly owned by jews and in the Clinton pockets.

The fucking CNN poll over polled democratics by 20% to have Clinton win. Fucking oy vey

She's as retarded as Trump. She doesn't seem to know how easy it is to rig online polls using bots.

it's all satire, Cred Forums is a board of peace

>media polls
There is no science in oversampling democrats

A greater enemy has reared its head.

>OY vey, stupid goyim you can't trust online polls, only CNN polls are true

The denial is real.

>Vote as many times as you want

Trump really does live in his own reality. No wonder he hides in the FOX News bubble.

His supporters really are desperate, resorting to fraud


Trump and his supporters are more delusional and autistic than the Berniebots.

Right. Like FOX News hasn't done its own non-online polls yet.

Come on. The Right is fully capable of doing scientific polls, instead of rigging online ones.

The Management of FOX News even scolded 3 of its hosts for even citing online polls as reliable.



Trump loves Citizen Kane, but he clearly doesn't understand his favorite film.

We couldn't vote as many times as we wanted. They were logging IP. Voting icognito wasn't upping the vote total.

Seriously. Just get off your butts and do actual polls, instead of whining about the scientific polls other networks have done.

It's not difficult to actually poll real people, instead of votebots.