Is genetic testing the only reliable way to know your race?

Is genetic testing the only reliable way to know your race?

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>willingly giving your DNA to a company run by Jews

You could also become a geneticist and do it yourself

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Gain data about your health and predispositions so that life/health insurance agencies can screw you over. That's just a start.

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The chance for cheating, or adoption occurring in your family in past 10 generations is decent percent for most. So with good database and constant improvements, yes it's the only thing to come close to 100% knowing. Especially if your combining autosomal with Y dna testing.

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>the only reliable way to know your race?
If you need a ((test)) to figure out your race I have some bad news for you

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Im Mexican, is this worth it? Dont know anything about my ancestors, nor do I believe my parents do.

Is last name enough to have a good idea of where my European ancestors were from?

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Its reliable enough to figure out how many extra chromosomes the op is carrying.

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does 23 and me work for down syndromes

How long did it take to get your results?

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5 Months.

Jesus christ. Is that including the time it took for them to receive your sample? My sample just arrived at their labs or w/e, gives an estimate of 4-8 weeks

>Giving your DNA to Jews
>Trusting them to not lie to you about the results

23andMe collects genetic samples for testing future ethnic bioweapons on specific hablogroups or combination of hablogroups.

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Old fashion anthropological skull measuring is always a good way of knowing.

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If you can precisely trace your ancestry back enough you can probably safely infer your ancestry from it without a genetic test, but then again a genetic test is more complete and can give you all sort of interesting info, even medical info.

By the way, if you don't trust 23andme specifically, you can get your DNA sequenced by another company and then use free third party tools to analyze it. The latter is not an issue anymore, sequencing it is the costly part.

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>does 23 and me work for down syndromes

For that, you have to use 21 and me and me

It's pretty insignificant, and it's probably not even real anyway. I think it's quite normal for germans and other central european ethnic groups to get a bit of ashkenazi.

Even if it was real, it would be quite far down the line.


Mine took about a month. I received my results about a week ago.

Best site to use?

I don't want to find out if I'm .3 kike or .4 asian or .2 North African. No thanks.


Puerto rican?


>Giving your DNA to Google so they can give it to Uncle Sam

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Half Mexican and white trash here. It was interesting to find exact race percentages. If you have a health condition you could try and find a sequencing study to get your test for free.

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DNA tests arent allowed to be used by insurance agencies

You'll get a rough approximation on your composition of european/native-amer/sub-saharan. Other than that, it won't have much value.

I traced my geneology back to 1500 in England. Am I white?

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How much is this accurate? Not gonna blow 100 bux on something if it's just "what if... "

No. If you're not a low plebeian you probably have extensive family records. I can trace my ancestry back to Charles Martel.

No, you could just talk to your parents and grandparents

I thought I was French but turned out to be Eternal Anglo.


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>DNA ancestry tests branded 'meaningless'
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What a coincidence my kit just came today, but I ordered it from a different website.

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>My ancestors came mostly between 1690 - 1790 with the latest coming just before the Civil War
>All from Western and Northern Europe (Britain, Germany, France)

So why do I care if I can trace my ancestry? My ancestors have fought in every damn war in this country and have settled the state I live in now. I did do the ancestry testing but it didn't tell me anything new and its very very vague. The reason it is so vague is because it goes back hundreds or thousands of years and relies on other people of different countries to submit to their database as well

At the very least, don't do the Y-DNA testing. Its more expensive and it didn't seem accurate to me. I also didn't find a single person actually related to me in the "family finder" and swear they mixed up my DNA. It was a waste of money.

The way they tell which genes come from where, when not collaborated with other evidence like dig site evidence, is simply on the basis of having a group of other people who report their ancestries on the basis of traditional genealogical family tree data.

They then sort through that baseline sample and conclude that some of the DNA is shared, some had only by those reporting English background, some had only by those reporting German background, etc.

The problem is that this isn't enough to sort out all the details of the complex population movements there have been in Europe, and you end up ultimately just finding out how closely related you are to individuals in their samples than to any genuine established Ethnic group.

You also get odd effects. For example one publicized case involved a woman who knew she was at least Irish, English, and German. Well, because the sample had mainly people who, if they were germanic-plus-celtic reported their germanic as English, her German-germanic was overlooked entirely and assumed to be English, on account of its co-occurrence with celtic markers.

The whole industry is a mess.

Even at the scientific level, it took many years for scientists to determine if E1B1B was derived from subsaharan Africa or from the Semites, as it is found so frequently through the Caucasian/Negro contact region of Yemen-to-Ethiopia. Still there is some dispute on the topic in scientific circles. And that is just one single genetic marker, while there are billions of genetic markers in the autosomal DNA.

>You also get odd effects. For example one publicized case involved a woman who knew she was at least Irish, English, and German. Well, because the sample had mainly people who, if they were germanic-plus-celtic reported their germanic as English, her German-germanic was overlooked entirely and assumed to be English, on account of its co-occurrence with celtic markers.

I had the same effect; I can trace all of my ancestors to Great Britain, Ireland, Germany and France. Only one or two from Northern Europe. Yet my analysis came back as overwhelmingly British, and Irish and Scandinavian. And if we look at the history of the region; Vikings invading coastal areas, lots of migration and fighting between France and Great Britain, one can see why their baseline samples are wholly inadequate

23 and Me was most accurate, more accurate than I presumed they would be. Family Tree DNA was so inadequate I almost want to ask for my money back. I'm hopeful it will improve a lot in the next few decades.


>German first and last name
>Grandfather immigrated to US from Germany
>"What is your ancestry?"
>get my DNA tested
>find out I'm about an even mix of German, Ukrainian, and Spanish
>"What is your ancestry?"