Who is your favorite female superhero?

Who is your favorite female superhero?


that's anime


You posted her.

Diana. Also, Rose but idk if she counts as a hero.

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Powergirl from her 2008 run.


The one that's actually board related.

the pro


Ultimate Krump. volume 3, #157, page 7

sorry pages 7 and 8


I totally want to Plus ultra smash froppy pussy but fuck me with the rise of FemIzuku I got hooked on her

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Don’t have to swallow OR spit if you catch it in a condom.

Opposite is fine too

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The only characters I even come close to disliking from that show are Mineta, Fabulous French Phazer, and Stain. The former will eventually get development, and the latter is only annoying when they go full unironic moralfagging

I want to hoppy with froppy

Isn't that from The Pro? And I'm pretty sure the Superman logo/colors are an edit

Old school Jean Grey for being a responsible, loving woman and a powerful psychic (think of the kink).

Jubilee for being utterly adorable, especially with fangs.

Oh hey is that adult swim short, didn't knew it started as a comic


Fuck out of here with that nasty frog.
Here is a true hero saved children and ran a solo bully reformation program without even using her powers.


Supergirl, mainly her new 52 version because her journey of finding her place in a world she didn't grow up in compared to Superman while also being in her angst phase. Plus, she has a modest body shape that will eventually grow up and become Power Girl.

>not wanting to swallow

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This is an edit.

Its on the face idiot, applied as a nutritious face mask and yes, assuming you are relative healthy, which sure as fuck alot cunts arent, semen is indeed rather "healthy"

I enjoyed Stain. Way more than Tomura

I want Cred Forums posters on Cred Forums to get hit by a truck

i only hate mineta, but he's getting better I think.

I kind of immediately love froppy (back when I started reading the manga) cos that is my fetish.jpg but then later on when Kaminari gets usually playful bullying from Kyouka... uff


You have to go back

Fuck no, keep the BHA shit off of Cred Forums

Sorry, but BNHA is Cred Forums now, specially since things like this exist!


So... Is she asking for a Ted Talk?


>posts in Cred Forums will somehow keep it off Cred Forums
i like MHA but this is not how anything works

Please no. The last thing Cred Forums needs is more 24/7 generals.

It could maybe get Cred Forums to stop migrating over to Cred Forums to talk about BHA but you have a point. Cred Forums needs to go too.

please keep in mind that MHA is a shonen anime with a Cred Forums coat of paint. Teen Titans doesn't go in Cred Forums just because their heads get big when theyre mad


Gotta go with Zatanna.